Hi, I’m Gabby. A native Northern Californian with a passion for travel and the outdoors.  After spending nearly 8 years living abroad in the Netherlands and traveling extensively around Europe, I realized that many of my travel questions went unanswered, or the blogs I found might not have told the full story about downsides of certain destinations. So, in 2017 after a 4 week trip through Indonesia, I decided to finally launch Boarding Call to help other travelers, and give my honest experiences of the places I’ve visited – like when I thought I might die on a boat ride from Bali to Gili Air.

ubud bali

I don’t believe that the world is a book, and those that don’t travel only read one page. And no, I haven’t been everywhere, and its not on my list. I want to avoid all the travel blogger cliches and help you get the info you need on the places I’ve visited, and hopefully give you a little extra information you might not get anywhere else.

So, if you’re looking for where to learn how to surf in Indonesia, how to climb Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch Gardens, or why we Americans are perceived as being fake, you’ve come to the right place. Do those examples seem a bit random? Those are all topics I googled and couldn’t find answers for online – voila, hopefully they help one of you!

Join me to beautiful places and disappointing tourist traps, I’ll share it all with you along the way.

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