The Netherlands

Ah, the Netherlands. A tiny country that packs a punch. There is so much to do in the Netherlands, despite its geographical size. After living in the Netherlands for (nearly!) 8 years, I’m happy to share my top Netherlands travel tips with you to ensure you have the best visit possible. From tip-toeing through the tulips, to visiting castles, to indulging in the best microbrews, I’ve got all the tips for you here.

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Quick facts on the Netherlands:

  • Language: Dutch – but English is very widely spoken
    • “Hallo” (hello) and “Tot ziens” (good-bye)
    • “Dank je wel” [dank – je – vel] (thank you)
  • Currency: Euro – but feel free to pay by card here – cash is becoming less and less relevant
  • Main airport: Schiphol airport is located just outside of Amsterdam. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach Amsterdam Central Station from Schiphol Airport.
  • Transport: Public transport is widely available here (see the train link below), and Uber is available here.
  • Safety: Amsterdam is a very safe city, most crimes are just petty crimes. Do be careful of pick-pockets around Amsterdam Central Station and in the Red Light District. Never buy drugs off the street either.
  • Important (party) dates
    • April 27: King’s Day. Watch out – this is the biggest party of the whole year. All cities shut down and become massive parties in the streets – especially Amsterdam. Expect lots of beer, music, (drugs), and partying
    • First Sunday in August: Gay Pride Canal Parade. If you’re in Amsterdam in August you’re going to want to see this. Prinsengracht is filled with huge Gay Pride boat floats that are filled with music and performers. For more info visit Amsterdam Gay Pride

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