Top travel gifts for Valentine’s Day

So the holidays have passed and now you think you are in the clear? Think again! The beginning of a new year just means that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and its time to start shopping yet again! If you’re anything like me, you probably favor practical gifts that you’ll actually use. Whenever anyone asks what to get for me, I always want something travel related, cause I know I’ll use it.
travel gifts
If you’re not sure where to start shopping for that traveler on your gift lift, I’ve compiled a list of the best travel gifts for her. This list is for Valentine’s Day, but hey, I won’t tell anyone if you gift these cute travel gifts for any other holiday, or if you use this as a list as travel gifts for friends. You do you! All I know is that you’ll probably be making the traveler in your life happy with these unique travel gifts.
Wait, you didn’t plan your Valentine’s getaway yet, either? No worries, I’ve got you covered with this list of the best Valentine’s Day getaways in Europe.

Presents for travelers who want to show their travel love

Compass necklace: Help the traveler in your life show their love of adventure with a compass necklace. Spoiler alert, this probably should not be used in case of emergency! A cute necklace to share a love of travel is one of the best gifts for travel lovers. Travel bracelet: If the traveler in your life also happens to work a 9-5 job, chances are they might have a FOB they wear around their wrist to get into their office. Why not spice up their office wear with a travel bracelet that will always remind them of traveling, even when they’re not on the road.Travel pins: These cute travel gifts are one thing I would probably never buy for myself, but I’d secretly love if someone gave to me! These adventure pins also make for great travel gifts for friends:

Gear on the go

Portable wifi: Always stay connected to your Valentine (or whoever, really) with this portable wifi hotspot. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to video chat now, would you? A portable wifi hotspot is one of the best gifts for someone going abroad because it will allow that person to stay connected to you!Noise cancelling headphones: A pair of quality headphones is a must on any list of the best travel gifts. Don’t ever let your Valentine, lover or friend use the dreaded airline headphones again, noise cancelling headphones will allow your Valentine to travel in peace, and are one of the best gift ideas for world travelersPortable speaker: Once you start traveling with a portable speaker, you’ll never want to go back – I mean music just does not sound nearly as good when its coming out of a laptop or phone. A portable speaker is one of the best presents for travelers and one of the best gift ideas for women who travel.Polaroid Camera: There is some kind of simple joy that comes from getting your photo immediately printed, isn’t there? Before the ‘gram, there was polaroid, and I’m so happy the photos with the original filter have made a comeback! A polaroid camera is one of the best travel gifts for her – the girl who loves photography.Portable charger/power bank: Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than having your phone die when you’re out and about on a trip. GPS is lost, you can’t take photos, and you can’t contact your family back home to let them know you’re ok! That’s why a power bank is a must on the list of Valentine’s travel gifts – don’t let your loved one travel without being able to stay in touch with you.

Practical travel giftsTravel pillow: There are dozens – no maybe hundreds – of travel pillows out there, but let’s face it, a lot of them aren’t exactly making the list of cute travel gifts. So this Valentine’s Day, give a travel pillow that actually looks good and your Valentine won’t be embarrassed to fly with! This cute one from definitely makes the list of travel gifts for herBeach towel: This one is for all my sun and beach lovers. Why go with a plain white beach towel from the hotel when you can actually make a statement with your beach towel?!Jewelry Organizer: This is one of the best travel gifts for her. There is nothing more annoying that realizing your necklaces have gotten in a tangled mess you somehow have to deconstruct when you arrive at your destination. A jewelry organizer is one of the best travel gifts for women.

Travel scarf: Travel what, you say? If you’ve never heard of a travel scarf, listen up. A travel scarf is one of the best travel gifts for women. Remember the old days when someone would wear one of those dorky money belts under their clothes? Yikes, don’t let your Valentine be one of those people – instead pick out a travel scarf, which is a unique travel gifts for her. A travel scarf looks like an infinity scarf, but has a built in zipper in it where the traveler can hide money, a passport, etc. Pretty genius, right? And, also, not embarrassing at all 😉Passport cover: I guess a passport cover isn’t really a necessity, but it does keep your passport safe – and for me, one of the biggest dangers to my passport is spilling wine on it – er, I mean water. Spilling water on it. Anyway, a passport cover is one of the best travel gifts for her, because what girl can resist a cute accessory, even if it is for her passport?

A luggage tag: No one wants someone else to mistake your luggage for theirs, so make sure you set your Valentine’s luggage apart with a luggage tag. And if you get a luggage tag, make sure its a cute one – this is one that makes the cute travel gifts list!A toiletry bag: Let me rephrase that – a toiletry bag that is actually cute. A bag that is legitimately good looking, and has reusable containers is the perfect add-on to the list of travel gifts for her – and the best part, is that she can feel super sustainable by using those containers. Two birds, one stone my friend.

Travel gifts for couples 

So maybe you want to take advantage of your Valentine’s Day gift, too? Then don’t miss these travel gifts for couples!

Two person hammock: This is for all you outdoorsy travelers out there. What better way to say happy Valentine’s Day than to promise your Valentine endless snuggles in this two person hammock. This is perfect for camping, or just to bring with you on vacation and attach between two palm trees. Sounds pretty dreamy if I’m honest. A two person hammock is one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

Couple’s bucket list: What’s the point of writing a bucket list if you have no one to share it with? Promise your Valentine a lifetime of endless adventure with this bucket list book for couples. This is one of the best travel gifts for couples and is sure to send the traveler in your life swooning. What could be more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day planning your vacations together? That’s what makes a couple’s bucket list book one of the top travel gifts.
Did this post help you find a the best travel gifts for her and cute travel gifts? Let me know in the comments below!
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