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The holidays are over, winter is setting in, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already planning your next trip to get you through the winter. I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but hey, I’ll take any excuse to go on a trip with my Dutchie. We’ve traveled all around Europe and discovered some of the most romantic short breaks. Valentine’s Day getaways are the perfect excuse to travel and spoil your partner – two birds, one stone, am I right?

valentine's getaways europe

In this blog post you’ll find the most romantic Valentine’s getaways in Europe, and places that just make for great weekend trips for couples! Here you’ll also find hotel recommendations for each of the romantic weekend breaks, and maybe a bit of inspiration to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend getaways.

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Amsterdam make the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway in Europe

You knew that if I made a list of the most romantic places in Europe, I’d have to list Amsterdam, right? 

Why is Amsterdam one of the best romantic getaways in Europe? Well, for starters, the city is charming, old, and filled with gorgeous canals. Amsterdam is one of those cities that you can wander around aimlessly – a city that is just as charming at night as it is during the day. 

With 3 story gabled brick buildings stacked up against each other, lining the canals with their softly trickling water, you just can get a better Valentine’s day getaway than Amsterdam. 

Better yet, Amsterdam has quite a few Michelin starred restaurants sure to wow your Valentine. Check out Rijks Restaurant at the Rijksmuseum, or dine over the water of the Ij at MOS

Some of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam are wandering through the neighborhoods of the Jordaan, taking a night cruise along the canals, or sipping wine in the cozy brown cafes that line the water. Be sure to rent bikes, and pause to take it all in on the many bridges of Amsterdam.

conservatorium hotel

When you visit Amsterdam on your Valentine’s Day trip, stay at the Conservatorium Hotel one of the most romantic and chicest hotels in the city, complete with a wellness center to really help you relax on Valentine’s Day. 


Prague is one of the most lovely Valentine’s Day Getaways in Europe

Prague was one of our first weekends away, so naturally I think it is one of the best city breaks for couples.

I love Prague because the city doesn’t feel too big – it is the perfect size to walk around. Plus, it gets pretty cold in the winter, so it’s one of the best romantic weekend breaks where you can layer up and snuggle up with your Valentine. 

Wander across Karlov Most, or Charles Bridge, one of the main focal points of the city. The Charles Bridge is beautiful when covered in snow or shrouded in fog, and looks back toward the Old Town. Prague’s winding old streets are the perfect places to wander with your Valentine and lose your way – what can be more romantic than that? 

Prague is one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for couples because it is chocked full of colorful buildings, gorgeous bridges, and cobbled streets that you can infinitely walk arm-and-arm in. 

Alchemyst Hotel Prague
Alchymist Hotel Prague

If you visit Prague for a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, be sure to stay at Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa one of the coziest hotels in the city, located just a 5 minute walk from the Charles Bridge.


Montmartre is the perfect place to wander with your Valentine

Ah, oui, oui, what could be more romantic than the city of lights? A list of Valentine’s Day getaways in Europe could never complete without mentioning Paris.

Yes, Paris is just as romantic as it looks in the movies – if you know where to go. Admittedly, the streets of Paris can be pretty busy, so make sure you stick to the most romantic areas of Paris when you plan your Valentine’s day getaway.

My personal favorite romantic area of Paris is Montmartre. Montmartre is where the hills in Paris begin, and where you can get incredible views of the city. Here if you wander just a little bit off the tourist track, you’ll find local restaurants filled with Parisians, perfect for you to explore with your Valentine. Valentine’s Day getaways don’t get any better than sipping wine in a French cafe, or sitting on a terrace like the Parisians do and watching the foot traffic go by.

Eiffel Tower
Who could miss the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day?

Of course you can’t miss paying a visit to the Eiffel Tower – be sure to catch it on the hour to see it glittering – this is when the Eiffel Tower is at its most romantic.

Hotel Sommier Paris
Hotel Sommier Paris

When you visit Paris, be sure to stay at Hotel Alfred Sommier in Paris to complete your romantic short break, featuring high ceilings, huge windows and marble bathrooms. 


Porto is one of the loveliest Valentine’s Day getaways in Europe!

What would a Valentine’s Day Getaway be without wine? Thankfully Porto is the perfect destination for romantic weekend breaks

Portugal is a destination that has been steadily gaining in popularity, and for good reason! Porto is located in the north of Portugal, and is one of the best locations for a romantic Valentine’s getaway. Porto has spectacular views, intimate restaurants, and of course, port wineries located across the Duoro River on the south side of the city. 

Port wine is is a sweet red wine that comes from the Duoro Valley, specifically from the area around Porto. I love wine, so I really can’t think of a better idea for romantic getaways in Europe than to sip Port wine with your Valentine in the caverns of a distillery. We did a tasting tour at Croft which was lovely and I can highly recommend. Check out this list of the best Porto port tasting tours to start planning your Valentine’s Day getaway in Europe

porto bookshop
The most beautiful bookshop in the world

Explore Lello & Irmão Bookstore one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. 

Don’t miss the views of the city from Ponte de Arrabide, Porto’s famous bridge. You’ll get the best views by crossing the bridge to the south of the city – ideally before you go Port tasting and get too drunk to take photos! Head across that bridge and get snapping!

Oh yeah, and as you explore the city, don’t miss the tiled walls everywhere – these are what dreams of romantic short breaks are made of.

Infante Sagres
Infante Sagres hotel in Porto

Infante Sagres is a luxury historic hotel, and one of the best most romantic places to stay in Porto, so be sure to book it when you plan your Valentine’s day getaway in Europe. 


Hallstatt has got to be one of the best Valentine’s Day Getaways in Europe

This darling village in the Austrian Alps is one of the best Valentine’s day trips in Europe – I  mean just look at how stinking cute it is!

Dreaming of a exploring a village covered in snow this Valentine’s Day? Then head to Hallstatt, this gem in the Austrian Alps. Hallstatt is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Austria – people already lived here in the century before Christ. Hallstatt is also a UNESCO world heritage site and the population of this tiny village is only 760. 

Located on the west shore of Lake Hallstatt, this sleepy village is the perfect destination for a romantic Valentine’s day getaway in Europe. Take in panoramic views on the viewing platform on Salzberg skywalk or snowshoe to get your outdoor fix. 

I can’t imagine anything more romantic than waking up to see the reflection of the surrounding mountains in the still lake, or escaping the cold in a traditional konditorei.

seehotel gruner baum

If Hallstatt is the romantic weekend break for you, stay at Seehotel Grüner Baum


Exploring the canals and marbled streets of Venice is the perfect romantic weekend getaway

What could be more romantic than a gondola ride in the Venetian canals on Valentine’s Day?

Venice is arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world. It makes nearly every list of the most romantic European cities and it the perfect couples getaway for people of all ages. Venice is actually built on one hundred small islands in a lagoon in northern Italy. Marble palaces line the lagoons, and of course you can’t miss St. Marks Basilica, the highlight of Venice. 

Cruise the canals of venice in a gondola, with a gondolier singing and paddling the boat, or explore Venice by foot. Whatever you do, don’t forget to drink all the wine and eat all the pasta you can – you’re in Italy, baby! Everywhere you look is picturesque, so you really can’t go wrong with visiting Venice for  Valentine’s day getaway.

JW Marriott Venice
JW Marriott Venice

When you head to Venice, stay at JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa, one of the most romantic stays in the city, located on its own private island overlooking a lagoon. 


Palm filled plazas make Barcelona a great place for romantic weekend getaways

Seeking a bit of sun on your Valentine’s Day trip? Head to Barcelona where the sun is (almost) always shining, and you can head to the beach 

Barcelona is a city that is easy to fall in love with. Sure, it’s big, but the best parts of the city are all within walking distance, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day weekend getaway destination, where you can explore the city at a laid back pace. After all, that’s the Spanish way 😉

The best area to explore in Barcelona is the Gothic district. There are tons of streets to get lost in, cafes to pop in to and beautiful corners. In Barca, always remember to look up – one of my favorite things about Barcelona are the colorful potted plants you’ll see if you remember to look up at the balconies of the locals. 

Around Valentine’s Day the sun will likely be shining, and the beach won’t be nearly as busy as it is during the summer time. Head to a beach cafe where you can still bask in the Spanish sun and drink a glass of tinta to get the most out of your romantic weekend break.

If you want to explore further, consider heading to Calella de Palafrugell, the choice getaway for locals. 

mercer hotel barcelona
Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Stay at Mercer Hotel when you visit Barcelona – it is one of the chicest and most romantic hotels in the city located in the Gothic district and complete with a rooftop pool. 


Wander through Dubrovnik for the most romantic Valentine’s Day getaway

Head to the fortified town of Dubrovnik, a Croatian city that overlooks the sapphire blue waters of the Adriatic Sea

The first time I went to Dubrovnik people asked “you’re going where?!” No one seemed to know where Dubrovnik was. Dubrovnik is located in the south of Croatia, right on the water. Dubronik’s Old Town makes for a beautiful Valentine’s Day trip – the streets are paved with limestone (yes, really) and baroque buildings line the way. 

Explore Dubrovnik’s city walls, where you can can get views over the terracotta roofs of the Old Town and the Adriatic, and imagine what is must have been like to live here in the 14th century when some of the town’s thickets walls were built. 

Head to Bunić square behind the cathedral to have a cup of coffee, and don’t forget to have seafood for dinner – no surprise, it’s gonna be fresh. 

pucic palace
The Pucic Palace Dubrovnik

When you go to Dubrovnik for a romantic weekend break, stay in the romantic Old Town at a real Baroque palace –  The Pucic Palace


Ah, doesn’t Bruges look like the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway?

Lined with cobbled streets, charming medieval buildings and canals, Bruges is one of the most romantic Valentine’s getaways

Bruges is considered the Venice of the north (Hey-o! another romantic destination on this list 😉 ), and has a UNESCO protected city center. Bruges is also home to more than a few Michelin starred restaurants, adding even more romantic credibility to make this one of the best Valentine’s Day getaways in Europe. 

Spend a Valentine’s Day in Bruges taking a romantic boat ride along the canals and taking in the medieval sites, like the city’s Belfry – which also got its claim to fame in the movie In Bruges. If castles are a little more your Valentine’s Day style – and really, who could say no to a castle on Valentine’s Day – head to Castle Van Loppem, a neo-Gothic castle that is sure to make you feel romantic. 

Dukes palace hotel bruges
The Duke’s Palace Hotel Bruges

When you head to Bruges for your Valentine’s Day getaway, stay at the Hotel Duke’s Palace the 15th century former home of the duke, located a short walk from the Markt. 

What are your favorite romantic getaways in Europe? Let me know what I might have missed in the comments below!

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