Coming from a home abundant with hills, adjusting to the Netherlands was a flat out shock. (Did you get my joke?) Endless views of a country below sea level. Let me tell you, it gets old, and living here, I really miss having any sense of depth or natural landscape. In search of the cure for my flat land woes, we set out for a weekend in the Lake District.

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lake district

Never heard of the Lake District? If you’re not from the UK its pretty likely that you haven’t – but you should know it! It is gorgeous, it’s hilly, and its got countless pubs and sheep. What more could you want.

Drool over the photos while I convince you to visit the Lake District.


The views. Come on, that’s why we went there

Behind Aira Force

Aira Force


View from Helm Crag summitHelm Crag

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Visit Tarn HowsTarn howsTarn hows

Clambering over mossy stones… just don’t slip!

Lake District

Find hotels in the Lake District 

Chasing waterfalls at Aira Force
aira force

Visit the Old Man of Conniston old man of conniston

15 British English phrases that confused me

Have your classic British phone booth momentlake district uk

Make new friends with locals sheep lake district

Enjoy the views from the waterBowness on Windermere

Grasmere – a village that looks like its straight out of Harry Potter and has a delish sweet shop


Heidi’s in Grasmere


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      haha yeah the sheep are so adorable! I hope you visit!

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