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Looking for the best hotels in Koh Samui and feeling overwhelmed about where you should stay? I had exactly the same feeling before I visited Koh Samui! There are so many Koh Samui resorts to choose from, loads of different areas on the island, and it was hard for me to figure out where to stay in Koh Samui.

If you are looking for a Koh Samui resort where you get a great mix of comfort, style and affordability, look no further than Escape Resort – in my humble opinion, one of the best places to stay in Koh Samui!

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Escape Resort Review: The best place to stay in Koh Samui

Where should I begin with Escape Resort on Koh Samui?

The rooms: Escape Resort features rooms with industrial chic design that are not only cute but super comfy. Escape offers three different room types: the Economy Room (that’s what I booked), the Standard Bungalow, and the Beach Front Bungalow. Honestly, I felt that the Economy Room was plenty big, even if I would have had my boyfriend with me (I was traveling alone here), but feel free to take your pick.

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One of the best features of the room, in my mind, was the beach bag in every room with your beach towels in it. A simple touch like this really impresses me at a hotel, and it made bringing my Kindle, sunblock, and other poolside goodies to the pool really easy.

The rooms all came with a safe (yay for locking up your belongings!), and were very clean and well maintained.

The infinity pool: the pool is seriously lovely. It’s lined with tons of lounge chairs, so you’ll always find a place there, and was so popular that people were even at the pool already at 7:30am! When I was staying at Escape the other guests were lounging around the pool literally the entire day, so this is definitely a great place for you to stay if you’re looking for some poolside R&R.

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The infinity pool looks out over the calm sea across the small beach of Mae Nam. The infinity pool is also the perfect place to watch a gorgeous Koh Samui sunset. Just another reason why I think Escape is one of Koh Samui’s best hotels.

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The restaurant: I have to admit, I ate all of my meals at this restaurant while I stayed there! Escape’s restaurant has a great mix of both Thai and Western food and a pretty extensive cocktail menu. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the restaurant looks over the pool and ocean, with some of the best sunset’s I’ve seen in Thailand so far. What’s even better is this restaurant is the place to be. Escape attracts both couples and solo travelers alike, and as a solo traveler I never spent dinner alone while I was there. Escape has a great vibe with loads of people hanging at the restaurant all day, which I especially loved… it felt like you never needed to leave there and I think this makes it one of the best resorts in Koh Samui.

image borrowed from Escape Resort
image borrowed from Escape Resort

Other amenities: Escape also has a small store on site where you can buy extra bits and bobs you might need (water, sunblock, bug repellent, etc). I loved that they had this small store on location – I think it makes the stay so much more relaxing when you don’t have to bother rushing out somewhere else when your sunblock has run out.

Escape also offers massages if you want to get even more chilled out. I booked one (I believe the cost converted to about €10 for a one hour massage) and it definitely chilled me out. It wasn’t the best massage I got in Thailand – it wasn’t nearly as intense as I expected it to be – but it was still a great way to relax after a tough day at the pool.

Scooters and cars are also on hire at Escape Resort, so if you’re up for it you can rent one and explore the island beyond the resort.

Location: Escape’s location was the only small downside of staying there. Escape is located in Mae Nam, right near the W. The hotel is located at the bottom of a pretty steep hill, and off of the main road in Koh Samui. If you want to leave the hotel, you either need to call a taxi (these are very expensive in Koh Samui in general), or you need to rent a scooter. I wasn’t brave enough to rent a scooter – but if you are, this won’t be an issue for you! I was too nervous to have my first scooter experience include driving up and down that huge hill. So if you don’t drive a scooter you might feel a bit stuck at Escape. I think this is easily solved by taking a day trip one day, but just keep it in mind.

It’s also good to know that this is fairly far away from Chaweng, the most busiest and most touristy part of Koh Samui. If you’re looking for a party, don’t go to Escape. It is a location that is meant for people who are looking to chill out, not drink buckets of alcohol while techno pumps in the background. If you’re looking for that, head to Chaweng!

Price: Seriously, the price could not have been better. Escape’s prices are kind of ridiculous for its location, comfort, sunsets… the list goes on. I paid $99 to stay three nights here, which I felt was an absolute steal. I visited Koh Samui in the off-season (May), so keep that in mind if you book it during another period, but in general I was amazed I could get a deal like this at one of the best hotels in Koh Samui!

Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with friends, Escape Resort is the best place to stay in Koh Samui – well, only if you love infinity pools and breathtaking sunsets.

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